For Health Professionals


The Zeroth exercise referral programme is aimed at those with any medial condition that would benefit from a supervised gym based exercise programme to help relieve or improve symptoms. This may be either in a group setting or on a one to one basis depending on the individuals needs and abilities.

All patients will be assessed by clinical Exercise Physiologist/nutritionist; Jill Maynard, MSc, BSc (Hons).

GPs, Practise Nurses, physiotherapists and other medical professionals may refer using the attached referral form.

Download and fill out the form and ensure the patient signs the informed consent paragraph.

You may give it to your patient to bring along or post it directly to us.

If the form is posted to Zeroth, the patient will be contacted directly by the programme co-ordinator to make an appointment for their initial assessment.

Weight for Life

If your patient has a BMI of ≥28 you may refer them to the adult Weight For Life programme using the attached referral form here

Go For It

If you wish to refer to the GO FOR IT  programme the criteria is:

child ≥91st centile on the growth chart and at least one parent/guardian must attend once per week.

Referral Steps for all programmes

STEP 1 – Download and fill out the relevant adult or child referral form.

STEP 2  - Ensure your patient signs the form

STEP 3  - You may either post or email the form directly to Zeroth and we will then contact your patient, OR give the form to your patient who then must make contact with us, either by phone or via the contact form at the bottom of the Contact Page.

STEP 4  - An appointment will then be made for registration and an initial assessment