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Zeroth Clinical Exercise centre is a fitness and exercise rehabilitation centre, situated off the Loose road in Maidstone. It opened in 2003 to provide exercise therapy and rehabilitation for people of all ages and fitness programmes for children.

Zeroth was the initiative of Jill and Jim Maynard, who between them have over 35 years experience in the health and fitness industry.  Jim is currently studying towards a BSc in psychology, to enhance his expertise around issues of health.

At zeroth, the aim is to help those with medical conditions to improve their quality of life, by designing a tailor made exercise programme for each individual, according to their needs and abilities. The staff are committed to promoting health related fitness to all their clients and educating them on the benefits of a more active lifestyle. Zeroth has a strong, evidenced based, track record, of providing new initiatives and programmes, to improve health and fitness, focusing on physical and mental wellbeing. These include community, school and club based programmes. Over the years Jim and Jill have worked with several organisations delivering a variety of interventions including;-


The Zeroth facility includes, a fully equipped gym with cardiovascular and resistance equipment, suitable from 8 years and over and a multipurpose studio. Equipment suitable for people with disabilities includes parallel bars, passive bikes vibration plate and cable column, parking is free and there is disabled access and toilet facilities.

Weight Management Programmes

These include the ‘Weight For Life’ for adults and The ‘Go For It’  for families with children from 5-17 years old. Both programmes  were created and are managed by Jill Maynard and are offererd in partnership with Maidstone Borough council, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council and funded by Kent County Council, Public Health.


Jill Maynard MSc.,BSc.,(Hons). Clinical Exercise Physiologist/Nutritionist


Research: Exercise improves walking ability in people with Multiple Sclerosis 

Research: Effects of exercise on adults with an acquired brain injury 

Special interests