Cardiac Rehabilitation


The aim of cardiac rehabilitation is to help people recover from a heart attack, heart surgery, or other cardiac interventions, by helping them achieve an optimum level of fitness and well-being through a supervised exercise programme.

A rehabilitation programme can help:

  1. Reduce cardiac symptoms
  2. Regain strength
  3. Improve fitness levels
  4. Reduce the risk of recurring heart problems
  5. Build up confidence
  6. Help you return to work safely and in the right timescales
  7. Improve psychological recovery

How do I access the class?

On completion of a phase 3 programme you may be referred by a cardiac nurse using the BACPR FORM.

What Next?

Once you have the form, ring or email us to make an appointment for your initial assessment. Following your assessment, a rehabilitation programme will be tailored and structured according to your individual needs, to help you improve your physical and psychological well-being.

For further information on times and costs please contact us by phone or submit theĀ contact form at the bottom of the Contact page.